My Travel Bucket List for the Next 5 Years

I love to travel and I do not get to as often as I would like. 

With work and life getting in the way, It's difficult to find the time and the money to travel at all. I really hope I get to go to as many of these countries and places on my list as possible. I definitely have a serious case of wanderlust. I enjoy experiencing new things, people and places. Travel is an adventure in itself, and I will never say no to adventuring. 

With budgeting being a huge factor, I honestly do not know If I will be able to travel to everything on my list, so I have narrowed it down to my five top places I would like to visit in the next 5 years. 

1. Cayman Islands

I have been to the Cayman Islands once before, but when I was much younger. I would love to visit it now that I am older and visit the Sea Turtle Farm. It's a dream of mine, and a biggie on my everyday bucket list to swim, touch and hold a Sea Turtle. 

I thought it was only fair to put this first on my list, because I want to do this as presently as possible. 

2. Fiji

I have always envisioned myself with my future hubby, in our own personal bungalow in the middle of the ocean on our honeymoon. This is definitely a dream vacation of mine. 

3. Tuscany

Italy in general would be a desire of mine, but most specifically Tuscany. I know this is cliche, but ever since the movie "Under The Tuscan Sun" I have always wanted to travel there. I just want to be surrounded by beautiful flower fields and vineyards. 

4. Cuba 

Never in my Twenty-Five years of living, did I ever think I would travel to my mothers homeland. My family left Cuba back in 1983. My mother has never been back. Now with the laws changing, and it being a little easier to travel there, I would love to take my mom back to her roots. I would love to learn and see where she grew up. 

Granted, it still very difficult for Cuban Americans to travel there, but I would love to be able to give her that gift. 

5. Greece

Have you ever seen the photos of the houses on the hill right on the water? The ocean water is a dark clear blue. It's heavenly. I can imagine myself on a romantic vacation. I'm enjoying the food, the culture, the people. 

There is so much history in that country, and I would love to experience it all. 

What are your top 5 places on your travel bucket list?!


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