Ally's Bachelorette Cruise ♡

A month ago, some of my best friends and I celebrated our girl Ally on her final weekend getaway before The big day. What a trip it was. Honest to say, it was one of the funnest vacations I have ever been on. We hopped on a Spring Break / St. Patricks Day cruise to the Bahamas. We met a great group of people, drank a little more than we probably should have, danced like no one was watching, and had the time of our lives. 

Day One...

The first day on the Cruise was St. Patricks Day. We wore matching Bridesmaids shirts with our names on them. They were definitely conversation starters and everyone continued to compliment us on our shirts. Once on the boat, we went straight to the bar and put our drink packages to good use. We explored the boat the remainder of the day. At night, we got dolled up and went to our timed dinner arrangements. Dinner was amazing, and I love that everything is always all you can eat. They also have a 24 hr pizza station! I was in heaven every night at 2 am. After dinner, we changed back into our green shirts, went to the comedy show, then went to the club and danced our bootys off.

Day Two...

We were in the Bahamas!! We woke up the next morning, and went straight to the breakfast buffet. They have everything you can only imagine to eat. It was delicious. We wore matching Bridesmaids shirts again. Once off the boat we went straight to Senior Frogs. Have you ever been to Señor Frogs? It's the most live place. They play great music, have fun games, and have constant free booze conga lines. It gets pretty crazy. The group of people we met the night before at the club ended up being at Señor Frogs too. It was so much fun. Back on the boat after a day full of drinking, was Captains night. Everyone dresses really nice and fancy. We all decided that Ally would wear white, and we would all wear black. Then more clubbing, and late night pizza. 

Day Three...

The last day on the boat, was the most relaxing. We weren't docked on an island, we were sailing slowly through the sea. The day was absolutely gorgeous. We lounged on the deck, watched a few shows, drank a lot, and just enjoyed the day. Night time, we got all beautified, went to dinner and took more pictures. After dinner some of the girls wanted to go to the Casino. Noel and I went to the comedy show. Then clubbing and more pizza. As repetitive as it sounds, it was always so much fun!

Final Day...

Back in Miami. We were so sad to leave, but happy to be home. Everyone was so tired and had enough of drinking for some time... (That didn't even last two days. We were having wine nights by Wednesday 😂) We had so much fun and were happy we met so many great people. It was one hell of a Bachelorette party. It brought all of us girls so much closer. Definitely a mini vacation we will always remember <3

Stay tuned for The Dasilva Wedding Post <3


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