Why Being Confident Is So Sexy!

     Someone today asked me what my favorite non-physical attribute about myself was. Usually a question like this would take me forever to answer. I'd have to think very hard about my statement. Not surprising to myself now, it was very easy to answer. 

My Confidence. 

In my past relationships, I was very insecure with myself. I never believed I was good enough. I always thought negatively towards myself, and more often than not, my confidence was non existent. After I let go of the most recent relationship, it just automatically clicked. I realized how foolish it was to feel that way. Especially when there was absolutely no reason to feel that way in the first place.

Confidence is the most attractive attribute someone can acquire. 

It shows off your worth, capability, and potential. 
When you exude confidence, you exude all that makes you the best. It shows everyone else why you're the pick of the liter. You know your worth, and you know what you're capable of. You know what potentials you can bring to the table. Confidence shows everyone around you exactly that. People start seeing it to, and all these qualities make you more attractive as a whole. Not just based on your looks, but how you present yourself as well.

It displays how you feel towards yourself. 
Insecurity is extremely unattractive. If you are not secure with yourself, why would anyone else feel that way about you? How could you see yourself moving towards a better future surrounded by so much negativity? Living your life for yourself, and not caring about what anyone else thinks about you is the most liberating feeling in the world. Confident people are comfortable in their own skin. You attract what you give off. You give off the emotions that you are confident with yourself, and people will feed off of that and gravitate towards you. 

It asserts leadership, intelligence, and strength. 
Be confident in your beliefs, and your knowledge. If you're not, how do you expect others to listen to what you have to say? To believe what you have to say? To be a leader and have power, one must emanate confidence. No one wants to follow someone that doesn't sell themselves in a manner of being the top dog, of being someone that makes people want to follow. Confident people know what they want and are not afraid to go for it. They also aren't afraid to communicate what they are feeling or expressing themselves. 

It attracts people towards you.
Unfortunately, now a days low self-esteem is the norm. So when you meet someone who isn't insecure, but self-assured it's a huge awakening. A person who is confident in themselves, draws you towards them. Confident people are more eye catching. They have this way that just makes you want to learn more about them. Confident people are also very positive. Being around a confident person will attract all the positivity towards your own life. 

I pride myself in being confident. The older I get, the more assured of myself I become. Being attractive is sexy overall, but the best part of feeling so confident is that I feel it for myself and not for any one else. It's no longer a fake emotion I give off. I am genuinely pleased with my self and that just makes everything in my life that much more meaningful and special. 

I don't sweat the small stuff. I don't let little things bother me. A relationship with someone I begin to care for doesn't work out I don't dwell on it. I appreciate it and move on. Something is not going my way, or exactly how I want it, I am ok with that. Work, school, and money issues just don't have the same stressful affect on me as they once did. I am more positive. I am genuinely happy, and I am a lot more go with the flow. Life is just so much better that way. 


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  1. You rock that confidence, girlie! Awhoo hoo! :)


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