Birthday Cruise Recap

Last week I visited the beautiful Tropical Islands of Ocho Rios, Jamaica & Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. It was such a fun trip. A group of four of us went and had the most amazing vacation. It was a whole week cruise with three ship days and two port stops. 

We rode on Carnival Sensation. It's a much smaller ship and newly remodeled. They renovated the lido deck where they have three bars, a Taco buffet, a Gy Fieri Burger Restaurant, and a continuous Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner buffet. 

Day One & Day Two - Fun Days at Sea

The first two days were spent on the ship relaxing, drinking, and lots of eating. Carnival also has 24/7 pizza on the lido deck, where you can get pizza any time day or night. You better believe the first thing I did was go straight to get some delicious pizza.

The first day was my actual birthday. The cruise was nice enough to give me a $50 credit to the spa as a birthday gift. I never actually got around to using it though. At night, the waiters and the people in our table all sang happy birthday to me. They brought me out the cutest little cake. It was so sweet. After, dinner at the fancy restaurant, we went to a Liquor taste testing, and then went to the club. 

The next day was more drinking, relaxing, lounging around, napping, stuffing out faces with more Tacos and Pizza, and just enjoying our vacation! 

At night, we all got to dress up. It was captains night and everyone is dressed all fancy and elegant. After dinner, we changed and went to see the comedy shows and hit up some of the night clubs. 

Day Three - Ocho Rios, Jamaica

We were finally docked and were able to get off the ship to do some exploring. We decided to do the Dun River Falls excursion. Kassandra, Stephen and I have done it before. We all came on a cruise together when we were very little but it was so long ago. We wanted to try it out again and Leo had never been. What an amazing experience. 

You climb up a 960 foot waterfall with freezing cold water rushing down at you. Its exhilarating and such a rush! After the water fall, we went to Dolphin Cove. It's this wonderful little area where you can swim with dolphins, pet sting rays, feed sharks, do a little shopping, and also enjoy some yummy Jamaican jerk chicken. It was delicious.

Before we got back on the boat, Kasy and I also decided to get braids done at Dolphin Cove. They came out super cute! 

Once back on the ship the boys took naps and Kasy and I did some exploring (and drinking) at the Serenity Area. It's an adult only lounge on the back of the boat and they had the most prettiest views. 

Night time, after dinner, we went to the Deck Party. It was a lot of fun!

Day Four - Grand Cayman, The Cayman Islands

This was my absolute favorite part of the whole cruise. To be honest this was the main reason why I picked this cruise in the first place. If you didn't already know, I am obsessed with Sea Turtles. The only reason I wanted to go to Cayman Islands so bad was to go see the Sea Turtles. I'm not going to get much into here because there will be a whole separate post, but here's a mini sneak peak!

At night they switched things up and had the club in the Serenity Adult Lounge. It was a lot of fun. We were also able to see a few game shows. 

Day Five - Fun Day At Sea

The last day was more relaxing then the first two. We went in the pool. Had a few drinks, ate a lot of food. By night time we were exhausted and wanted to just be calm. Kasy and I went to the Latin music show and the boys went to the casino. 

Overall It was an amazing birthday week. I honestly need a vacation from my vacation from how tired I am. I wish I was back in vacation mode. I already want to plan a new one. 

Hope everyone had a fun week. 


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