Top 5 Most Romantic Flowers To Give To Your Girlfriend

 T o p   5   M o s t   R o m a n t i c   F l o w e r s   
T o   G i v e   Y o u r   G i r l f r i e n d

          Nothing pleases women more than flowers, especially when they receive flowers from their boyfriends. It drives them crazy with love! We all know how difficult it could be deciding what type of flowers we should give them. Picking the right style of flowers can be an easy task if you already have in mind exactly what you want to convey through those flowers. Let us have a look at what some of the most romantic flowers symbolize. Then you can decide what the best type of flower choice will be for making your girl happy.


Tulips are one of the most loved and easily recognizable flowers. When it comes to choosing the perfect flower to give to your girlfriend, tulips can never be a wrong choice. Tulips’ literal meaning is ‘perfect love’, it has also been a symbol of never ending love and affection. Tulips are not too bright nor too small, but just perfect. So if you are looking for romantic flowers, tulips are the best pick for you.

Did you know that different colors of tulip symbolize different meanings?

 Red Tulips: The red tulips are a symbol of true love. 
 Purple Tulips: Purple ones are a symbol of royalty.
 White Tulips: White tulips are best for asking for forgiveness.

You can choose from different colors of tulips according to what you want to convey. These beautiful and romantic tulips are no doubt lovely. They are just the perfect flower for anyone you love.


Nothing can beat roses as a symbol of love. The first thing that comes to our minds when we think about roses is love. Roses are rightly associated with that beautiful feeling. They also come in different colors, each individual color of course represents a different meaning.

White roses: White roses are a symbol of pure and innocent love. These roses are perfect for any time that you just want to make the day special by declaring your love for her.

Red roses: Red roses are a symbol of love and romance. The red roses are perfect for any special occasion like your anniversary, birthday or even a date.

Yellow roses: A yellow colored rose symbolizes recovery. So if your girlfriend is going through some tough times or may be recovering from an illness, yellow roses are just the perfect flower to give her. These yellow beauties will not only make your girlfriend feel special but also will convey your concern. They are just perfect for wishing someone a speedy recovery.

Pink roses: pink roses are a symbol of gratitude and appreciation. These are best for occasions when you want your girlfriend to know how grateful you are to have her. Pink roses can also be used for saying “thank you”. What better way to show that you truly appreciate her?


Orchids are a symbol of fertility, sexuality, and romance. Orchids are also a symbol of love, beauty, and strength. If you want to gift your girlfriend something out of the box then orchids are the best choice for you. The best thing about orchids is that there are over 20,000 species, so you have a wide range to choose from. There are also many options when it comes to size. Orchids can be expensive but they are worth the money. When you send or give your girlfriend an orchid arrangement, she will know how much you adore and want her. Surprise your love with beautiful orchids and win her heart once again.


Lilies have always been one of the most favored flowers for women. They are a symbol of prosperity, beauty, love, and romance. Lilies also come in a variety of colors and sizes. Below are some of the meanings associated with their color.

● White lilies: They represent pure love and virtue. White lilies are best for occasions when you want your girlfriend to realize how pious your love is.
 Red lilies: Red lilies are a symbol of passion towards something. It may be career or your significant other half. This type of lily makes a really good gift when you want to tell her that you are passionate towards her.
 Yellow lilies: A symbol of thankfulness and desire. These yellow lilies are just the perfect flowers to let her know how thankful you are to have her at your side.


Last but not the least, Irises are an amazing choice. They can literally make her day. Irises represents love, hope and admiration. If you are looking to tell your girlfriend how much you admire having her, do it with a bunch of Iris. She is going to fall for you all over again.

Here is what different color of irises represent, choose the one that most suits your purpose.

        Purple iris: They are the symbol of royalty.
        Blue iris: Blue irises are a symbol of faith and hope. You can choose blue irises when you                    want to express your faith and hope in your relationship.
       ● Yellow iris: Yellow ones are the symbol of passionate love.
        White iris: They expresses pure and innocence.

As you can see flowers can express sentiments that other gifts might not convey. This is one of the top reasons why flowers are such a good gift idea. Not only can you gift your girlfriend different flowers on different occasions but you can do it just because you are thinking of her. Giving flowers is not just a tradition, it’s a way to express your love in the moment.

Now that you know what flowers you can give or send your girlfriend, why not send her some right now and surprise her? Go to your garden or a field and pick some out. But if you are like most men and you live in a big city, sending a professionally made flower arrangement from a local florist is the best option. Just go to your computer or your phone and search for it. 

If you are in Miami for example just go online and type something like “Flower Delivery Miami” and in seconds you will find great florists who can make gorgeous arrangements with these flowers.


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  1. I love tulips (they're my favourite flowers), but I had no idea what the word 'tulip' meant - how lovely

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  2. Love this informative post Yesi! I'm still waiting for the day my boyfriend surprises me with flowers lol.


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