10 Things You Need To Know About Eye Lash Extensions!

        I have been getting my lashes done for the last three months and I am never going all natural again. One of my really great friends, Alexis Love, is an Eye Lash Technician here in South Florida. She is amazing at what she does. She recently just started her own Eyelash Business and I interviewed her and asked her a few important questions about Lashing that I think everyone who does them, or is interested in getting them done, should know. 

Chocolate Covered Salty Chips

        Yes, you read that right. Chocolate covered Potato Chips. I saw this the other day on Pinterest and I immediately wanted to try it. I love all things salty and sweet, and when you combine the two, it's honestly heaven in your mouth. This is the easiest NO BAKE snack that you can make in less then 20 minutes. 

Rebecca Floral by TOBI

    I have always been a sucker for floral print. If it's got a flowery pattern on it, you better believe that I am going straight to that. Whether it be in person at a store, or online shopping flowers always call my name. 
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