Rebecca Floral by TOBI

    I have always been a sucker for floral print. If it's got a flowery pattern on it, you better believe that I am going straight to that. Whether it be in person at a store, or online shopping flowers always call my name. 

I am so happy to announce that this month, I teamed up with TOBI for a fashion series on rompers. Let me first start off my saying that Tobi is such a fun company to collab with. Their outfits are amazing and the prices are affordable. They are based out of LA and they definitely bring out that Los Angela Vibe into their fashion. 


To read more about  T O B I  Click Here. 

For the first post of the series, this is the Rebecca Black Floral print romper. 

The floral print on this romper is to die for. With an elegant back drop of a Navy Blue, the White and reddish tones of the flowers add such a nice contrast. The loose fitting shape gives it a dressy look rather than a jumpsuit style, making it classier than your usual rompers. 

It has a plunging neckline and very loose long sleeves. It comes in three different sizes. Small, Medium, and Large. You can tie up the neckline to your preferred style, giving you your most favored amount of cleavage. For a sexier look, tie it looser. Between the knot and V shape of the neck, you can show a little more skin. The waist is also form fitting and with a stretchy band. This will give you all the right curves in all the right places. 

At first glance, the romper did seem to run a little bigger for my taste. I ordered a small and it fit nicely, but still a little looser than I would normally like. Once I tried it on, I realized that with the style of this romper, the looser the fit the better.

I loved the simple flow to it, and as stated before it does look more like a dress than a romper. Not only is it classy yet sexy, but it is also very comfy.

I paired the romper with my Jessica Simpson Caramel Wedges and Pearl Earrings. I love that you can pair this romper with light colors or dark colors and whichever way, it will always look amazing. 

Tobi is such an amazing brand. They have such cute styles and so many different fashion varieties to choose from. To be honest, I was never one to order online. With my body type (short & chubbs), it is very hard for me to shop online and actually order something that fit perfectly without trying it on first. To my surprise, TOBI is definitely exception. 

Not only, did the romper look amazing, but it also comes at a discounted price. Tobi offers 50% off on your first order just by signing up and entering your email. They also have sales every week and Shipping is free over $50. 

Have you ordered from them before? What's your take on online shopping? Liked this cute romper? Click the links down below. Stay tuned for part two of the romper series coming soon!

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Disclaimer* This post contains affiliate links and was sponsored by TOBI. The content and opinions are that of my own. Thank you 

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