Life Lately.

Life. Life has been happening lately. I have been  T w e n t y - S i x  years old for almost three months now. I look back at the last year and realize how different so many things are. How different Summer was last year, then it is this year. How much I've grown and learned about myself, and how independent, confident, and strong I have become.

As for where the hell have I been, well you know me I go through phases. One month I am on here every single day 24 hours a day. Then there are times where I will go months without even making a peep. I have been a little busy. Let me just fill you in.. 

Love Life
I am at a point in my life where I am at a crossroads. Part of me wants to fall in love and have someone to share everything with. Then there's the other side that wants me to continue doing what I am doing and say eff relationships. I know I am my better myself. No drama, no stress, no nothing. Unfortunately, I am a hopeless romantic and I want to fall in love and grow old with the man I love. 

It just doesn't seem to be going my way this year. I've dated here and there and have actually met a few guys where I can see it turning into something more, but something always happens that It just does not work out in my favor. I'm met some great guys but those that are interested in me, I don't feel the same towards them, and those that I do become interested in, are not interested in me. 

I am just in a go with the flow mode. I am not looking for a relationship nor do I honestly believe that I want one at the moment. I am enjoying the single life and going out with my friends. It's just there are times where I do want someone to share special moments with. I have had a few crushes where I would've wanted it to turn into more, but it has not. So, I am in a state where whatever comes my way I am open to it, but I am not looking for it. 

New Job
I started working at a Cosmetics company. I work in the sales department and I sell makeup, skin care, and beauty products to customers all over the world. I like it very much. My co workers are awesome, the pay is amazing, and if I ever wanted make up I can get it for free. 

Moving Out
I know I have been talking about this for years now that I want to move out, but I honestly want to make it happen this year. I'm giving myself till October to find an efficiency, and save enough money to be able to do it. I feel as if it is time for me to be 100%

So I officially decided to not go back to college and actually look into becoming an Esthetician. I enjoy skin care and I am trying to see if I would like to get into that career choice. 

Life in General
I have been going out a lot with friends and just enjoying being single. We go to Wynwood every Wednesday because Patio has Latin night. Stay tuned for a post on all my favorite places to visit in Wynwood. My girls and I have also been going to La Bares every other week and every Thursday we go bowling. There's also been two party buses in the last month and another party bus coming up next week. I have definitely been going out way more then I use to. I am also planning a lot of trips, and traveling. There are so many places I want to visit, in and out of the country. I hope they all fall through. 

My life has been pretty simple lately and I am content with that. How's your life been treating you? 


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