7 Essential Items For An Early Fall Wardrobe

The time has come for us to sit down and sing Slipping through my fingers by Abba, as a lament to summer. It’s nearly gone, and it’s a sad fact we have to come to terms with. Still, there is no need to despair. In our opinion, there is plenty to look forward to – the Indian summer (hopefully) and the gorgeous colors that early fall graces us with. Fall is actually a wonderful season in many ways, style and fashion included. It provides us with the opportunity to experiment with layers, colors and prints in warm tones.

If you ask us, fall is actually better than summer in terms of fashion, because the additional layers of clothes give you a chance to let your creativity in the style department shine through. In order to do that, you will need to curate your wardrobe a bit, weed certain things out, make new additions to your wardrobe family, so let’s just jump in and see what it is exactly that you need to make your #fallstylegoals come true.

The New Layer
 The additional layers we’ve mentioned start with amazing outerwear, and nothing epitomizes both fall and timeless, effortless elegance like a trench coat. One of the absolute best parts about a great trench is the fact that it’s so versatile and suitable not only for any given occasion but members of any given style movement. Chic career women, minimalists, classy casual dressers, even boho-loving girls can pull this item off.

The only question that remains is – what color to choose, and that’s completely up to you. Minimalists will probably go for beige or camel, boho girls will look for something in an interesting pattern, and those who want to keep the spirit of summer alive for a bit longer and bring some joy to a gloomy fall day will definitely go for pastels.
No Reason To Say Goodbye


More often than not, girls have a tendency to think that, as soon as the first leaf falls, dresses are to be packed in boxes and wait for summer to swing by again. This is the completely wrong approach – you deserve to wear all your romantic and frilly dresses, and even buy some more if any happen to tempt you. Fall doesn’t signify the death of the mighty dress – you just might need to put your new favorite trench coat on before leaving the house, but once you arrive at your destination, feel free to flaunt that beauty like it’s a 100 degrees.
Top It Off
You might be able to pull off your strappy tops and your basic tees for a little while longer, but make sure you’re good and ready in the long sleeve department. Stripped cotton tops are an amazing transitional garment, and not only because stripes are so back we can’t even, but because they mesh well with all your other garments too. Lengthen those sleeves gals, you’ll need them for those classy-casual days.

The One That's Just Right 
There is no better time to bust out your midi skirts than early fall. It is our firm belief that midi skirts were custom-made for early fall. They’re romantic and frilly, but will still keep you season-appropriate not to mention warm and safe once those sudden winds start blowing.
The Perfect Pair 
While we are well-aware that jeans are ever-present in your life regardless of the season, let’s face facts; all the jeans you own are probably ripped more than a religious gym-goer. It’s time to cover those legs up a bit. Besides, the whole ‘ripped’ thing is getting a bit tired, so why not try regular amazing-fitting jeans for a change. Find the one that are perfect for your body type, and if you wish to retain a bit of that summer whimsy, embroidered jeans are very hot right now.
The Indulgent Item
Although we know that this particular item will be in circulation for two to four weeks tops, we simply can’t resist it. If you think we’re talking about open-toe ankle boots, you are right. They are just so adorable and make for such a great outfit-completer that we can’t help but love them even though they’re not the wisest fall investment. Still, if you do think they’re a waste of money, regular deep beige or camel ankle boots will do the job just as well.
Sweater Weather
This is hands-down one of the best things about early fall - cute sweaters. They’re just so cozy, warm and loving (not to mention super-stylish), and as long as they’re not too clunky (clunky ones are for winter), you will look absolutely fabulous. You know what to do, stock up on those cuties and you can even rock them with a mini skirt (just remember to put on tights).


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