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I have been seeing this blog link up around the blog world for a while now. I honestly never looked at it or paid much attention to it. The number 1001 kind of frightened me away. I looked more into it. Turns out, it's a pretty awesome link up.
It's almost like a goals list, but with a time frame. You have to come up with 101 things you want to do or accomplish in 1001 in one days. That sounds so much fun to me and I know I'm not the only one that loves a challenge. I'm joining in on the fun.

My official Start date February 19, 2016

My End date November 16, 2018

1. Pay off my Credit Card Debt
2. Have 10k saved.
3. Create a Savings plan.
4. Get a Promotion. (Started a New Job on April 12, 2016)
5. Save all the change after you use cash.
6. Pay off my car.
7. Save $10 for every task completed on this list.

Growing Up
8. Move out on my own.
9. Get Engaged.
10. Have a baby.
11. Learn how to change a tire.
12. Host a Dinner party.
13. Buy a House

14. Go down to 110 lbs and stay at that weight.
15. Try 5 4 new healthy smoothie recipes.
16. Run a 5k Marathon.

17. Go to Vegas. (March 2, 2016)
18. Visit 5 4 states I have never visited before. (1. Nevada)
19. Travel to Canada.
20. Visit Costa Rica.
21. Go to Fiji.
22. Start a Travel Journal.
23. Take a Sister Trip.
24. Take a Road Trip to California.
25. Get a stamp on my Passport.
26. Start a Travel saving fund.
27. Romantic Weekend Getaway to the Caribbean.
28. Stay at a Bed & Breakfast.
29. Visit the Smithsonian Museum.
30. Have a girls weekend getaway. (Ally's Bachelorette Weekend)
31. Have a girls weekend getaway just Stephanie and I.
32. Go to the top of the Empire State Building
33. Visit the 9/11 Memorial
34. Visit Chicago.
35. Visit a National Park.
36. Take a train ride.
37. Go on 2 1 cruises. (Ally's Bachelorette Cruise)
38. Visit Laura and stay a weekend in Georgia.
39. Visit North Carolina.

40. Swim with a Sea Turtle.
41. Graduate from College.
42. Go to Bush Gardens with the family for a Birthday.
43. Eat a the Sugar Factory Restaurant.  (May 7, 2016)
44. Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years.
45. Try 10 new restaurants by me.
46. Go Skydiving.
47. Go to 10 9 8 Concerts. (Brantley Gilbert, Miami Bash)
48. Get 4th & 5th Mermaid and Sea Turtle Tattoos. (July 5, 2016)
49. Take a surfing lesson.
50. Get scuba certified.
51. Grow a Garden.
52. Try a new hairstyle / color.
53. Perfect the Winged Eyeliner.
54. Go Ice Skating on real ice.
55. Try Stand Up Paddle Boarding.
56. Sleep outside under the stars.
57. Eat at The Melting Pot.
58. Build a Blanket Fort.
59. Attempt 5 Pinterest DIY/ Crafts.
60. Ride in a Helicopter.
61. Go Zip Lining.
62. Go Skinny Dipping.
63. Spend a Day with my mom doing anything she wants.
64. Send out Christmas Cards one year.
65. Send my mom flowers to her job.
66. Get an English Bulldog.
67. Bake a cake from scratch.
68. Make Pasta from scratch.
69. Get my concealers permit and buy a gun.
70. Watch a sunrise and sunset in the same day.
71. Learn how to drive stick shift.
72. Go see real live snow.
73. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon.
74. Read 100 books.
75. Take a Photography class.
76. Take a cooking class.
77. Try 10 8 different foods I would never try. (Octopus, Oysters)
78. Learn a new Line Dance.
79. Go to my 10 year High school Reunion.
80. Make a fancy dinner.
81. Take a Wine painting class.
82. Learn how to make a proper flower arrangement.
83. Learn a new recipe and perfect it.
84. Throw someone a surprise party.
85. Watch a Broadway Show in New York.
86. Visit 5 Baseball Stadiums.
89. Go to 20 19 18 17 Baseball games.
90. Create a statement wall in my house.
91. Organize my Photo Drive.
92. Build a Solid Shoe Collection.

Blog / Business
93. Make income from my blog.
94. Help Chaz build and grow his business.
95. Get an article published in a major online outlet.
96. Get published in a magazine.
97. Learn how to take professional photos.
98. Attend a Blog conference.
99. Interview someone for the blog
100. Sell something on Etsy.
101. Start my online business.

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